About Custom Concrete Solutions of CT

Custom Concrete Solutions, LLC is a fully licensed, insured and registered installer of a variety of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing systems in Connecticut. We resurface existing concrete as well as pour new slabs. We are based out of West Hartford, but travel throughout New England for larger projects. Our organization is professionally trained by leaders in the most advance coloring, texturing and performance applications in the industry.

As artisans we view your project as a new canvas to create a piece of art on. You’ll be amazed at the richness and depth of colors, patterns and textures that are available now with concrete. Concrete has come a long way from its’ utilitarian roots, but the business of resurfacing concrete goes far beyond the artistic aspect. What makes it possible to resurface concrete, and what should be of equal importance to you, the customer, is the science and technology behind it.

The products we used are acrylic polymer resin modified cements. Generally they are twice the strength of regular concrete. Also, because of the polymers they bond to old existing concrete like Gorilla Glue by creating a chemical and mechanical bond that just gets stronger with time. The dyes, stains, pigments and sealers we use are time tested and the best available. We at Custom Concrete Solutions are continually expanding our knowledge by attending seminars and workshops all around the country throughout the year on new products or techniques or, just experimenting in our workshop. We always strive to stay on the cutting edge of this technology to bring you the absolute best products available.

One of the ways we set ourselves apart from other contractors is that we use a number of different decorative concrete resurfacing systems and are not beholden to any one in particular. We hand pick the best products from each system to assure only the highest quality work We test each product and system extensively for their strengths and weaknesses before we commit to using them. We are not a franchise nor are we a distributor. Nor do we want to be.

Want to Meet Us?

Custom Concrete Solutions is owned and operated by Don Pinger. Don is involved in every aspect of your project and personally meets with you, your contractor, or your architect to discuss your needs. We have recently opened a new showroom/workshop at 41 Grassmere Avenue in West Hartford, CT which is only a few minutes from I-84. (by appointment only)

Certified Installers

We are certified installers of the following overlay and polishing systems systems:

  • PermaCrete
  • Ashford Formula
  • EliteCrete
  • Retroplate
  • Dur-A-Flex PolyCrete & Epoxies
  • Colormaker Floor Products
  • LM Scofield Formula 1
  • SureCrete
  • HTC Polishing Equipment
  • Ardex Underlayments and Moisture Control
  • Firmolux Venetian Plaster