Commercial Concrete Polishing in Winsted Ct

Cadco-c Commercial Concrete Polishing in Winsted Ct

Cadco-c Commercial Concrete Polishing in Winsted Ct

Thanks for visiting us. The project featured here was concrete restoration with a polished and sealed finish for Cadco Inc based in Litchfield County Connecticut.

Cadco specializes in equipment for the food & beverage industry with a network of distributors throughout the United States. Their products include convection ovens, mobile warming carts, warming shelves, portable hot plates, ranges and more.

The project included removing an old epoxy coating, with an easy to maintain polished concrete finish.

Project Details

  • ClientCadco Inc based in Winsted Connecticut
  • Project Size – 20,000 SF
  • Time To Complete – 1 Week
  • Problem – Old Epoxy was dirty, became porous due to age and hard to maintain.
  • Solution – Grind Off Old epoxy with our diamond grinding machines. Then grind the floor with Diamond Grinding PCD’s (Polycrystalline Diamonds are high performance  grinding tooling capable of removing the top layer of coatings and cement ). Then the floor was honed in various steps including 30, 80 then 150 diamond resins. Floors were densified using Consolideck LS and Sealed with Consolideck PolishGuard.

About Concrete Polishing – Polished concrete floors are extremely popular due to the natural, decorative appearance, high performance and low maintenance. Floors can be colored with stains and dyes to improve appearance. Various levels of shine can be created from a matte to high gloss finish. This is achieved with resin bonded diamond pads from 100 – 3,000 grit. Read More 

Consolideck LS – This is a hardener, densifier we use during the polish process. It is a lithium silicate treatment that tightens the pores in concrete providing increased surface area. Increased surface area by tightening the pores in cement enhancing light reflectivity.  Full Details About Consolideck LS

Consolideck PolishGuard – PolishGuard is a chemical resistant protective finish that can be used with a high speed floor burnisher for the ultimate long term protection. Read About PolishGuard

About Custom Concrete Solutions CT

Custom Concrete Solutions is run by Don Pinger, an industry veteran with hundreds of successful residential and commercial floor and wall restoration projects. They are based in West Hartford specializing in the following,

  • Polished Concrete
  • Overlays
  • Self Leveling
  • Acid Stains and Dyes
  • Epoxy (metallic)
  • Moisture Mitigation
  • Urethane Sealers
  • Venetian Plasters

Tea Haunt Canvas Art Gallery Gets New Epoxy Floor

Art-Gallery-Epoxy-After Tea Haunt Canvas Art Gallery Gets New Epoxy Floor

Art-Gallery-Epoxy-After Tea Haunt Canvas Art Gallery Gets New Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Flooring – Project Details

Location – Trumbull Street Hartford CT
Business Name – Tea Haunt Canvas, Art Gallery
Floor Size – 2,000 Square Feet
Problem – Floor had old tile and glue that needed to be removed, floor was uneven
Solution – Remove tile, grind glue exposing fresh concrete floor. Resurface with cement overlay approximately 1/4 – 3/8 inch thick. Apply thin microtopping overlay in dark black. Final application was clear epoxy infused with metallic coloring from EliteCrete. Seal with top coat of protective Urethane.
Time to Complete – 5 days
Contact– Custom Concrete Solutions, Don Pinger Owner, Contact (860) 416-7645,
This is an ideal system for many commercial retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and offices. Once complete, surface is seamless, non slip and easy to maintain.

There are no grout lines. Epoxy can be applied over cove molding which is ideal for restaurants and bars preventing mold and bacteria growth.

Metallic epoxies continue to be in high demand due to quick application, high durability and unique curb appeal. Each floor is unique, no two floors will ever be the same.

Old Saybrook Fire Department Gets New Epoxy Floor

before-Saybrook Old Saybrook Fire Department Gets New Epoxy Floor

before-Saybrook Old Saybrook Fire Department Gets New Epoxy Floor

Custom Concrete Solutions of West Hartford Connecticut resurfaced this 7,000 square foot concrete floor at the Old Saybrook Fire Department with a high performance epoxy coating with urethane top coat. Completion time was 6 days.

Epoxy Flooring Old Saybrook CT Fire Station

Call Custom Concrete Solutions at 860-416-7645

1. Cleaning Grease and Oil – The first issue with the flooring was heavy dirt and grease that penetrated the surface which needed to be removed preventing potential delamination of the new coating. Consolideck commercial strength detergent was used as a degreaser. This is an excellent cleaner that cuts and emulsifies grease and oil. It is very effective for removing mastic, paint and various glues.

2. Floor Grinding – The second step of the process included grinding the concrete flooring with an HTC 800. This is a high performance machine and vacuum system for removing dust. It removes the high and low spots while opening up the pores of the cement surface. This critical step increases the surface area for epoxy adhesion as well as removing and grime that was not picked up from the cleaning step of the project.

3. Epoxy Coating – The final step was application of 100% solids epoxy from Duraflex. Duraflex based in East Hartford Connecticut is a leading manufacturer of high performance epoxies with custom products for all uses and budgets. They have engineered systems including epoxies, urethanes, MMA (methyl methacrylate) and hybrid flooring systems.