Venetian Plaster

Italian Lime Plasters for interior walls. Made from lime, marble and water. Some of the most beautiful made. These are ideal for restaurants, retail stores and popular in luxury homes.


Concrete Densifier

Densifiers provide a chemical reaction in concrete tightening the pores of your cement floor. These are a perfect solution for concrete where the efflorescence continually works it’s way to the surface creating a perpetually dusty floor.


Concrete Cleaning

Due to the porous nature of concrete, grease, oil , paints and glues penetrate the surface creating a hard to clean floor. We use special cleaners and when needed can grind the top surface to remove blemishes. Floor can then be sealed for long term protection.


Cementitious Urethanes

When your interior floor needs a super durable seal coat, cementitious urethanes provide the solution. These protect finishes can be applied to concrete, overlays and epoxy coatings for the ultimate finish. You can then apply high solids wax coats for easy maintenance.


Asbestos Encapsulation

Our primer and self leveling concrete system will encapsulate asbestos tile. Result can be an underlayment for tile, hardwood or carpet. We can also provide a decorative concrete system.