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How Concrete Floors Can Upgrade Your Space

March 26, 2021blogconcrete floors

You, like many other people, may be under the impression that concrete floors are a dull and simple choice for a flooring material. The reason you feel this way is probably because you have never seen a concrete floor installed by the experts at Custom Concrete Solutions! When done by the experts, concrete floors can be elevated from a utilitarian flooring option to a durable work of art.

The obvious advantage of concrete floors lies in the strength of the material. Concrete is an extremely durable surface, and will stand up to whatever you throw at it. When compared to other flooring options, concrete is just about as good as it gets when it comes to durability. When you have a concrete floor installed by Custom Concrete Solutions, you know that you won’t have to worry about that floor giving you any problems.

Another reason why they are perfect for your business or home is that there is little to no maintenance required as time goes on. Essentially every other flooring surface is going to require relatively frequent repairs or service. Wooden floors can get scratched up or discolored and will need to be refinished. Carpets are easily stained by absorbing whatever is spilled on them, requiring frequent and intensive cleaning in order to look how it did when you first bought it. With other materials, you are agreeing to pay initially for installation and then pay again down the line. With concrete floors, this is not a problem. Concrete resists the abrasion and staining that alternatives like wood and carpet are prone to. The fact that concrete stays in great condition for a long time makes it the perfect flooring material to upgrade any space.

Now, you may be convinced by the quality and durability that concrete flooring can provide. But if you value style and uniqueness when it comes to your floors, you’re probably not certain that concrete is for you. Luckily, the experts at Custom Concrete Solutions have the resources and the know-how to make your concrete floors totally unique. With acid staining, the experienced staff can turn your ordinary concrete floors into a rustic work of art. Acid staining allows you to select from a wide variety of colors and patterns to match what you have in mind for your space. Custom Concrete Solutions has done beautiful acid staining work in esteemed locations, such as the Wesleyan University Film Center floor. With acid staining, concrete floors can look right at home even in the classiest of areas.

With concrete floors from Custom Concrete Solutions, you don’t have to cut corners. The staff will use their expertise to make sure that you can have both durability and style. In the right hands, concrete floors never have to feel like a compromise. To find out more about how a concrete floor can change your space, visit or call (860) 416-7645 today!


Premium Concrete Polishing Services for Customers

February 26, 2021blog

Here at Custom Concrete Solutions in Middletown, CT, we offer professional concrete polishing services to our customers all across New England.

What is concrete polishing? The term refers to the process of mechanical grinding and polishing that uses various industrial tools, hardeners, and sealers to level and densify the concrete flooring, and then polish and seal the floor. The results are almost shiny-looking floor surfaces, similar to granite.

What are the benefits of concrete polishing? The easier question to answer is what aren’t the benefits! Concrete polishing services are an all-around great investment for your next flooring renovation. It is the least expensive floor treatment available for purchase, and it saves consumers money in the long run by reducing energy and maintenance costs. The flooring does this through its reflectivity, ambient lighting, reduction in upkeep, and reduced tire wear.

Concrete polishing is perfect to withstand wear and tear, as it is stain resistant. The finish can withstand water, oil, and other common contaminants, and also leads to less maintenance. Most floors require thorough care such as scrubbing to keep them clean and to maintain their nice appearance. Concrete polishing, however, does not require any scrubbing, waxing, or stripping to maintain its pristine appearance. All that is necessary to maintain the floors is a light dusting, making them easy to clean.

Our business is a fully licensed, insured, and registered concrete company located on Country Club Road in Middletown, CT. Here at Custom Concrete Solutions, we service both commercial and residential customers in the greater Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island areas.

We are committed to providing you the highest quality service we can, and we are involved during every step of your renovation. Our team is professionally trained by leaders in the most advanced coloring, texturing, and performance applications in the country. Our owner and operator, Kim Osgood, is determined to be present in your project and will personally meet with you, as well as your contractors and architects, to discuss your ideas and your needs.

Besides our concrete polishing services, our services offered include acid staining, decorative concrete resurfacing and epoxy flooring. Be sure to look at all of our services, colors, and patterns at our concrete polishing services page.

Is concrete polishing the right choice for you? To read more about our services and to determine if we will be able to provide you with our concrete polishing services, check out this page of our website.
To learn more about what concrete polishing is, how it works, and the long term benefits, check out a detailed description.

Are you interested in learning more about our concrete polishing services? Call today at 860-416-7645 or email for a FREE estimate!


Amazing Benefits with Your Commercial Epoxy Flooring

January 2, 2021blogcommercial epoxy flooring

Did you know that commercial epoxy flooring is one of the greatest ways to improve your concrete floor? There are several benefits that make epoxy flooring an attractive, cost-effective flooring option. With long-standing experience, we’ll be going over some of the strongest and most common benefits we see with our flooring services.

One of the best commercial epoxy flooring benefits is that it can help protect concrete floors against stains and scratches. The concrete epoxy flooring system, when applied correctly, also helps to prevent concrete floors from cracking due to excessive moisture or temperature changes. By sealing the surface of your concrete flooring, you can protect against any light damage that normal concrete floors would crack under.

Because epoxy floor systems use a chemical system to prevent concrete surfaces from aging, they’re less likely to crack, peel, or otherwise degrade over time. Epoxy flooring systems are long-lasting and will not need to be replaced for many years.

Sealing protects concrete floors from moisture and weather damage, and the chemical locking process uses no ozone or UV rays to weaken or destroy the bonds between the epoxy resin and the concrete floor. Chemical sealants can even prevent concrete epoxy flooring from chipping or peeling, providing a durable seal that prevents future damage. Some epoxy flooring systems have an epoxy coating that contains a sunscreen to further enhance its durability and prevent fading. Sealed floors also resist stains and scratches, which make them easier to clean.

Because commercial epoxy flooring systems require no installation and do not require special tools or cleaners, they are simple to install and maintain. Epoxy floors are available in wide ranges of designs, from contemporary style systems to more traditional and decorative styles. You can find any size system to fit the dimensions of your space and budget. Many epoxy floor systems have pre-finished interlocking patterns, which allow you to quickly install the system with no mess or bother.

The most obvious commercial epoxy flooring benefit is the increase in value of your building. An epoxy flooring system can add up to twenty percent to the overall value of your building, and because the flooring is sealed at the factory, there is no need to worry about water damage. Epoxy flooring systems have longer warranties than most other flooring products, and since they are more durable, they can withstand regular wear and tear for longer periods of time before needing to be replaced. Epoxy flooring is also easy to maintain, requiring only a quick sanding after each use and a thorough application of floor coating to keep the concrete looking its best.

Since epoxy floors have a longer lifespan than most other flooring products, the company’s operating costs will be reduced. A concrete floor in a commercial setting can also make a room appear more professional, increasing the chance of an order or sale coming in. If you have any questions about commercial epoxy floor benefits, contact a local epoxy flooring supplier today.

For more information on our commercial epoxy flooring services, visit our website or call us today with any questions at 860-416-7645.

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