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The concrete floor of an auto detailing shop gets a major overhaul.

To showcase its vintage wares, a resale shop covers its worn concrete with a luxe floor finish.

See the latest in-vogue looks for decorative concrete.

A review of projects revealed these ten with the most innovative and creative uses of concrete.

A review of some top decorative concrete projects.

Read all about Custom Concrete Solutions and see why we are so highly regarded in the concrete industry.

Custom Concrete Solution’s work is featured at #3 top projects throughout the United States.

See how Custom Concrete Solutions transformed over 1,800 square feet of retail space using a blend of metallic color additives giving this decorative epoxy floor a unique and radiant finish…

Find out more about what we did at Smith College in North Hampton, MA. Lesson learned: hire a professional crew that will do the job right the first time….

See how Custom Concrete Solutions transformed this schools concrete floors, in their cafeteria and hallways, with a bit of polishing and sealants….

One of polished concrete’s interesting attributes is that it can be finished with high reflectivity or with more of a subtle matte-like finish. In this 5,000 square foot new facility for W.I. Clarke, a heavy construction equipment company in Plainfield, CT, Custom Concrete…

Now a car testing facility, this concrete floor was once part of a condominium complex, and was in need of some sprucing up. “Car reps from around the world come to this facility regularly,” says Mike Osgood, owner of Custom Concrete Solutions LLC, “and the company…

One of the neat things about concrete is that if you already have some in its plain, gray state, you can always spruce it up with unique colors and design. Having already done some concrete work in the backyard for the homeowners of this project, Mike Osgood, owner of Custom Concrete Solutions….

This commercial floor at the Turcos Super Ranch Market in Yorktown Heights, NY features polished and stained concrete. The challenge of this job was the 50 year old concrete which had old tile marks that needed to be removed and cracks and open joints that needed to be repaired…

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