Installing Custom Concrete Floors in Your Home in Connecticut

March 3, 2022blog

While you continue to look for home improvements, you may be looking at the possibility of including concrete floors into your plans. These floors are perfect for a basement, finished or unfinished.

However, at Custom Concrete Solutions, we are dedicated to excellence and will work with you to get the best-looking floor for your home. Now, choosing to get concrete floors can be a difficult decision but it is important to understand all the benefits of this service.

First off, these floors are easy to maintain as they are properly sealed and perfect for living room placement. In your home, you will be able to lay area rugs right on top of the floor which will allow for a better time when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the living room.

Believe it or not, you would have multiple flooring options when working with us as well. The floors that we can offer include polished concrete floors and ones that look like a natural stone as well. These interior floor designs can help increase the quality of your home simply just from the flooring surface.

These types of flooring materials have plenty of benefits besides it being easy to clean, and having a wide range of design options. This type of floor is important because, with our services, you can lay concrete over existing concrete. We may be called in to do this if your concrete flooring is cracked or is dwindling in quality.

If you need this done, we will come to your home, measure the square footage of concrete you need before we lay any concrete slabs. We will then work with our experts to get the best materials possible for your home’s situation. We then lay the concrete down and continue to make sure that it is layed with perfection before it dries.

After the concrete has dried, you will be able to do whatever you wish with that room. This type of flooring has become even more popular because you can now put just about anything on top of it. With the concrete flooring, simply placing an area rug and a couch has never been easier.

Our experts will come out to your home, assess the situation, and give you exactly what you need. With years of experience, we continue to impress customers with the quality of work that is provided. Whether it be for a basement or even a living room, Custom Concrete Solutions has got you covered.

Interested in our services? Check out our website here to learn more or call our office at (860) 416-7645. With just one visit to your home, we will be able to increase the value by implementing special concrete floors that will give you the endless potential to do anything with your home.

Concrete floors continue to become a popular aspect of a home and it is important to find a good reliable company to help you. At Custom Concrete Solutions in CT, we can assure you that your home will be getting the best service possible through our team. We look forward to servicing your home and will work to perfect the project from Day 1.

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