Magnificent Floor Treatments from Our Commercial Concrete Polishing Contractors at Custom Concrete Solutions!

August 3, 2022blog

Tired of staring at the same, dull concrete in your home or workspace? Need a way to add some flair to your room? Custom Concrete Solutions is happy to provide a massive variety of concrete flooring services, from epoxy flooring to acid staining! Our commercial concrete polishing contractors are highly experienced and prepared to provide the absolute best treatments for your floors. Leave your old floors behind and learn more about our fantastic flooring services for your space!

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One of our most popular concrete flooring services is epoxy flooring. This type of flooring system is highly effective and beneficial for your home. Not only is this covering chemical resistant, but it’s also extremely hygienic and impact resistant! Epoxy floors resist corrosive chemicals as well as common compressive pressures from warehouses, loading docks, and everyday vehicles. Additionally, this floor covering provides a bacteria-free surface, making it perfect for restaurants, hospitals, labs, schools, and more! These floors are easily cleaned, making them ideal for many work areas. While epoxy floors are useful for all of these reasons, they’re also incredibly beautiful to look at. At Custom Concrete Solutions, our commercial concrete polishing contractors ensure that you receive the exact service you need. That’s why we offer five different ways to install your epoxy floors! We offer a wide selection of plain solid colors, quartz aggregates, paint flakes, metallic reflectors, and clear epoxies! All of these options provide varying looks for your floors, but all maintain the highest standard of quality. See their beauty for yourself at!

Our commercial concrete polishing contractors are eager to bring your floors to the next level with our fantastic polish offerings. Concrete polishing involves grinding of industrial diamonds and hardeners to densify and seal your floor, creating a gorgeous granite-like floor. This method of flooring is incredibly cost-effective and holds many extensive benefits. For example, concrete polishing is stain resistant, repelling water, oil, and other spillages, maintaining a consistent, clean floor for years to come. Additionally, concrete polishing involves less maintenance overall and is LEED friendly, creating a simple, sustainable alternative to other methods of flooring. Finally, our concrete polishing contractors will be able to install this flooring without any business shutdowns! Our dry-mechanically polished concrete is put into service after our treatment concludes, allowing your floors to be serviced while your facility is operating.

Another popular floor treatment from Custom Concrete Solutions is our acid staining procedure. This method is one of our most beautiful floorings, providing a natural, yet artistic look for your space. At Custom Concrete Solutions, we offer a selection of dyes, at your request. These dyes can be mixed to provide varying degrees of opaqueness and depth. These colors come in a grand range of pigments, ranging from gold to turquoise to jet black. Creatively customize your space with our talented team of contractors from Custom Concrete Solutions!

Stop by Custom Concrete Solutions for the finest services in concrete flooring! Our facility is located at 206 Country Club Road in Middletown, Connecticut. If you have any questions regarding our floorings, please call our office at (860) 416-7645, or visit our website at! We can’t wait to transform your space. 

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