Epoxy Floors
Polished Concrete


We at Custom Concrete Solutions fully appreciate that price is a major factor in deciding what you’re going to do and who you select to do it. In an attempt make your decision process a little easier we’ve included some basic pricing information for the different services we offer. In general, the main factors that are used to determine the price of all jobs are:

  • Square footage of the job and overall layout
    Approximate size and whether it’s one large room or many small rooms.
  • Location
    Unfortunately, travel time is a factor in our expenses.
  • Condition of the floors
    Are there cracks, is there carpet glue, is it falling apart?
    Prep work is probably the most crucial step in the process to insure a quality job.
  • What you want
    Any ideas you have are helpful.

Not long ago a customer emailed me and all he asked was: “How much to do my basement?” It’s kind of like guessing how many fingers he was holding behind his back over the Internet. The more information you can give us the more accurate idea on price we can provide.

Please keep in mind that every job is different and usually has its own unique little challenges associated with it. In our inquiry form we ask that you give us as much info as possible so we can provide you with a relatively accurate idea on price. Pictures are great and if you can send them, try to include the bad areas too.

Prep work is probably the most important part of the process, so seeing all the problems is a lot of what we are looking for. If what we’ve discussed is within your budget we suggest taking a trip to our new expanded showroom in West Hartford where you can see up close samples of many of the different applications available.

A final note on pricing:

  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We hire only legal employees that are paid on the books and have workman’s compensation insurance coverage.
  • We are non-union.

“I have no quarrel with a competitor who sells his labor cheaply; he, more than anyone else, knows the value of his services.”  — Ben Franklin

Epoxy Floors

Includes epoxies, urethanes and polyaspartics. There are many different types of epoxy floor applications and prices associates with them. Here are some factors that are used to determine price.

  • The size of the job. Larger jobs are less per square foot.
  • The type of traffic the floor will have. Some situations require more durability or higher tolerances against chemicals and other staining.
  • The artistic element. A solid gray floor is less than a multi-colors, patterned floor.
  • The prep work required. A new floor obviously requires less prep work than a 40 year old floor that has two different mastics on it, is spalled and has a bunch of cracks.

Epoxy Floor Prices

  • For a plain solid colored epoxy floor – $3.00 – $6.00/sf
  • For a garage floor $4.00 – $6.50/sf
    This is for a flake or decorative quartz aggregate floor
  • For more artistic floors $5.00 – $8.00/sf

Learn more about the different epoxy floors.

Note: Keep in mind that epoxies are a type of sealer. They can be used as a standalone flooring application or as a clear sealer over some other flooring application such as Acid Staining or Overlays. Also, we use only catalyzed 100% solids epoxies and the highest solids urethanes available. With epoxies and urethanes you get what you pay for!


Polished Concrete

Pricing for concrete polishing ranges quite a bit depending on the job, but more importantly is, can we even do it. Contrary to what some contractor will tell you not all concrete can be polished. And some can be polished and it may not look that great. Here are some things to consider to see if we can even do the floors: Is the area accessible from ground level? The machines weigh almost 1000 pounds. They cannot go up and down stairs nor can they be rolled up a hill in a back yard. The other thing is the condition of the concrete. Polished concrete, to come out nicely must have been mechanically trowelled when finished. If it was finished by hand with a bunch of guys on their hands and knees it probably won’t come out that great. Usually you only find hand finished floors on small residential floors. Larger commercial floors are finished by pros with large power trowels. That being said here are the things that affect the price of polishing:

  • How wide open is it? The most cost effective floor to polish is one that is wide open. Walls create stop and start points that we have to work around and slow down the time it takes to polish the floors.
  • How much edge work needs to be done? No polishing machine can get right up to the wall. So, if the walls are all up and sheet rocked and the base molding is installed then all the edges need to be done by hand which is very labor intensive. Ideally we come in before the walls are up.
  • Do you want it dyed or stained? Acid staining or dyeing can add a beautiful effect to floors.
  • How shiny do you want it? What is the condition of the floors? Do we need to remove mastic, are there a lot of repairs, etc?
  • How large is the job? There is an awful lot of work to do to mobilize all the equipment needed to polish a floor properly. Also there are rental expenses for generators. Daily rates for small jobs are much higher than weekly or monthly rates.
  • What is the location of the job site? As in all jobs travel is an expense for us. Consequently, we have minimums based on location.

Polished Concrete Prices (Commercial or Residential)

  • Basic Polish – $2.50 – $5.00/sf
  • Stain and Polish – $3.50 – $6.00/sf
  • Edge Work – $5.00/lf
  • Specialty logos or patterns – Based on design

Our pricing for polished concrete above is for true, full concrete polishing not surface polish/buffing.

Local Jobs – $5,00.00
Out of town jobs – $6,000



There is an incredible variety of decorative overlays available. Every year new product come out and now you can pretty much resurface a concrete floor with any pattern, color or texture. Below are some factors used in determining the price:

  • Square footage of the job and overall layout. Approximate size and whether it’s one large room or many small rooms.
  • Location. Unfortunately, travel time is a factor in our expenses.
  • Condition of the floors. Are there cracks, is there carpet glue, is it falling apart? Prep work is probably the most crucial step in the process to insure a quality job.
  • What you want. There are endless combinations of colors, textures and patterns available. The more simple the work the more economical it is. Any ideas you have are helpful.
  • The type of sealer used. Some economical sealer are fine for residential application but not recommended for commercial jobs.

Overlay Prices (Commercial or Residential)

Because there are so many variation and combinations in resurfacing, it’s a little hard to be very specific on prices. But…

  • Basic resurface – $3.50 – $7.00/sf
  • Acid Stain – $3.50 – $5.50/sf
  • Specialty logos – Based on design
  • Patterns – Based on complexity

Prices include sealers.