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Custom Concrete Solutions offers a full line of floor coatings and sealing products such as Epoxies and Urethanes that comply with both local and Federal VOC regulations.

Understanding What Epoxy Is

Custom Concrete Solutions offers a full line of floor coatings and sealing products such as Epoxies and Urethanes that comply with both local and Federal VOC regulations. There are many reasons to choose and epoxy flooring system for your home OR business.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy floor coverings create an impenetrable surface highly resistant to even the most corrosive chemicals making them the perfect flooring option for industrial plants, residential garages, interior pool areas, car dealerships, barns, kennels and aircraft hangers.


Provides a bacteria free surface, ideal for restaurants, hospitals, healthcare facilities, labs, breweries, schools, aerospace facilities, food processing facilities and kennels. Many of these facilities require dust free and easily cleanable floors. Epoxy floor completely seal the floors by creating a seamless surfaces including a 6 inch cove base up the walls.

Impact Resistant

100% solids epoxies have 3-4 times the PSI or compressive strength of regular concrete. This makes them ideal for warehouses, loading docks, or anywhere that cars, trucks, fork-lifts or pallet jacks are used.

Slip Resistant

With the addition of decorative quartz aggregate broadcast into the epoxy, commonly referred to as a double broadcast, the epoxy system can be perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic even when wet.


Decorative epoxies can create a lasting impression with customers or visitors to your business or home. Epoxy floors are very customizable with a wide variety of decorative effects available.

5 Basic Ways to Install Epoxy Floors

Plain Solid Color

Similar to paint in appearance, opaque with a fairly limited number of colors available. Used primarily when you’d want the floor painted but with something that lasts a really long time. See color chart for solid colors below:

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Quartz Aggregate

Commonly known as double broadcast is where we install 2 coats of epoxy and broadcast decorative colored quartz aggregate into the epoxy. It is then finished with a third coat of clear epoxy as a finish coat. This application is used where a decorative floor is wanted and traction is required. See color chart of quartz finishes below:


Clear Epoxy

Over-applied over a decorative concrete floor or a decorative overlay resulting in a beautiful saturated look.

Paint Flake Epoxy

Basically the same as the Quartz Aggregate except the flake is more for decoration than slip-resistance. Paint flake epoxies also are great for hiding minor imperfections in floors. These are available in an amazing array of colors. Click here to see some sample color charts for micro-chip blends:

Metallic Reflector Epoxy

A beautiful metallic additive used to create one of a kind floor and can be used in combination with many other coloring effects with spectacular results. Click here to see some samples.

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