A Stain-Resistant Shop Floor on a Budget

May 22, 2020Uncategorized

Absolute Auto Service has been in business for more than 37 years and chose Custom Concrete Solutions to recommend a suitable system for their repair shop floor.

With concerns about Covid-19, customers are challenged with tighter budgets.   We are sensitive to our client’s needs and are very creative with our customized flooring solutions. To meet this customer’s unique requirements, we were able to tailor a two-coat system with a light non-skid broadcast of quartz silica sand.

How’d They Do That?

We began by grinding the old coatings off with our dustless machines.  Our team removed all oil stains by doing two or three passes with the machine grinders until no evident oil spots remained.

Careful detailing was needed around each lift post with dustless hand grinders.  We cut key ways around drains to clean and eliminate peeling.  After the final vacuum, we masked off the lift posts, doorways, walls and overhead door tracks.

Our two-component industrial epoxy was mixed after we raked on a heavy primer coat at 10 mils in thickness. The following day we applied our 3 mil industrial urethane with non-skid sand and back rolled it into the urethane.

This made the floor clean-looking and slip-resistant. Absolute Auto Service was very satisfied with the results.  Our system offers excellent stain resistance to all automotive chemical cleaners and petroleum products that get spilled, dumped or dropped.

The gray color and gloss finish offer safe traction and light reflectivity for the shop technicians to properly service vehicles.

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