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October 31, 2022commercial epoxy flooring

Custom Concrete Solutions is a fully licensed, insured and registered installer of a variety of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing systems in Connecticut. We are based in Middletown but travel throughout New England for larger projects. Our organization is professionally trained by leaders in the most advanced coloring, texting and performance applications in the industry.  

epoxy garage floor installersCustom Concrete Solutions offers a full line of floor coatings and sealing products epoxies and urethanes. We are epoxy garage floor installers in Connecticut. Before you can decide if you want to epoxy your garage floor you need to understand epoxy and what it does. There are many reasons to choose an epoxy flooring system for your home or even your business. There are a couple different reasons why someone would choose an epoxy flooring which include chemical resistance, hygienic, impact resistant, slip resistant and the beauty. These are some of the reasons why someone would choose to epoxy their garage floors. Here at Custom Concrete Solutions we have you covered since we are epoxy garage floor installers

To start off, epoxy is chemical resistance because they create an impenetrable surface highly resistant to the most corrosive chemicals which makes them perfect for many different flooring options including industrial plants, pool areas, car dealerships, garages, aircraft hangers and many other options. Epoxy flooring is also impact resistant which means that they have 3-4 times the the compressive strength of regular concrete. Lastly, epoxy is slip resistant which is why it is perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic even when wet. 

Epoxy floors are also hygienic and beautiful. They are hygienic because they provide a bacteria free surface which is ideal for any setting needing a sanitary surface. Epoxy floors completely seal the floors by creating seamless surfaces including a six inch cove base up the walls. We also have decorative epoxies which can create a lasting impression with customers and visitors to your business or home. There are many epoxy floor options which are customizable. We have a variety of colors and patterns available. 

When deciding to use epoxy on floors you need to make sure that you have a company that knows what they are doing. As epoxy garage floor installers, we will make sure that we get the best option for you so you are happy with the floors that are going to be in your home. 

Visit or give us a call at (860) 416-7645 to get the new floor that you have been wanting. 

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