Foundation Crack Repair

January 20, 2021Uncategorized

  • Client – Residential customer in Cheshire, CT
  • Time to Complete – 4 hours
  • Problem – Heavy rains caused water to leak through a large crack in our customer’s foundation, leaving an expansive puddle on the basement floor.
  • Solution – Permanently stop the leak by gently injecting pressurized, expanding urethane sealer.

Foundation cracks are typical and caused by things such as expected settling, thermal movement, or sometimes just poor construction. Cracks often happen on inside corners of concrete such as the window opening in this case. It is important not to ignore these cracks. It will widen over time resulting in water seepage or possibly the loss of structural integrity. If a crack is not leaking now, eventually it will.

We repair foundation cracks with a low-pressure injection of polyurethane foam. This cost-effective method works more than 99% of the time and lasts for the life of your home.

How It’s Done:

First, we clean out the crack and remove all loose aggregate. A heat gun is used to dry the area when moisture is detected.

We place injection ports 18 – 24 inches apart, depending on the width of the crack. Then we seal the crack and the injection ports with fast-curing epoxy mortar.

The ports are tested by injecting water which ensures a good flow through the remaining ports. When ready we inject our urethane foam. Since the foam is expansive and flexible it will not fail with further settling or thermal movement. It can be counted on to stay in place for the life of your home.

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