Old Saybrook Fire Department Gets New Epoxy Floor

June 18, 2015Uncategorized


Old Saybrook Fire Department Gets New Epoxy Floor

Custom Concrete Solutions of West Hartford Connecticut resurfaced this 7,000 square foot concrete floor at the Old Saybrook Fire Department with a high performance epoxy coating with urethane top coat. Completion time was 6 days.

Epoxy Flooring Old Saybrook CT Fire Station

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1. Cleaning Grease and Oil – The first issue with the flooring was heavy dirt and grease that penetrated the surface which needed to be removed preventing potential delamination of the new coating. Consolideck commercial strength detergent was used as a degreaser. This is an excellent cleaner that cuts and emulsifies grease and oil. It is very effective for removing mastic, paint and various glues.

2. Floor Grinding – The second step of the process included grinding the concrete flooring with an HTC 800. This is a high performance machine and vacuum system for removing dust. It removes the high and low spots while opening up the pores of the cement surface. This critical step increases the surface area for epoxy adhesion as well as removing and grime that was not picked up from the cleaning step of the project.

3. Epoxy Coating – The final step was application of 100% solids epoxy from Duraflex. Duraflex based in East Hartford Connecticut is a leading manufacturer of high performance epoxies with custom products for all uses and budgets. They have engineered systems including epoxies, urethanes, MMA (methyl methacrylate) and hybrid flooring systems.

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