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November 24, 2021blog

Commercial epoxy flooring is not only slip-resistant but can maintain heavy foot traffic and stay in good shape. With our flooring system, you should expect ultra-high-performance floors with standard colors. With Custom Concrete Solutions, commercial concrete floor epoxy is chemical resistant and the answer to your flooring solutions. We offer a number of different epoxy flooring kits. Each coating system has guaranteed high gloss when it comes to epoxy floor coating.

Decorative epoxies create a long-lasting impression with our customers. The visitors of your home will be astonished by the high quality of your floor. You can choose from clear epoxy, metallic reflector epoxy, or paint flake epoxy.

When it comes to painting flake epoxy, the epoxy paint is more for decoration than slip resistance. For example, garage flooring would work well with a plain solid color. Your industrial floor has the potential to be transformed with a base coat.

Our knowledgeable team will provide technical support when needed. Your commercial floors installation should be stress-free and easy. Epoxy flooring creates a surface that is resistant to the most damaging chemicals. This makes epoxy flooring the most eligible option for industrial plants.

These floors hold immense strength. The positive aspect of epoxy flooring is that it is merely impossible to damage. When choosing an epoxy floor installation, you are choosing strong quality and durability.

Epoxy flooring is the best option for residential garages, interior pool areas, car dealerships, aircraft hangers, and kennels. Even the most corrosive chemicals can not damage or breakthrough top quality epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is immensely hygienic and provides a bacteria-free surface to your space. Epoxy flooring is ideal for hospitals, labs, breweries, aerospace facilities, and food processing facilities. Due to the clean surface, it provides assurance that your space is germ-free.

Many of the facilities previously listed must maintain a healthy environment to operate. Epoxy flooring completely seals the floors and creates a seamless exterior which includes a 6 inch cove up the walls.

Each and every epoxy has 3-4 times the compressive strength of regular concrete. This makes them ideal for warehouses and other production plants. Industrial production warehouses are an ideal candidate for epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring also provides a glossy yet slip-resistant surface. This makes it perfect for environments that are fast-paced. This double broadcast system is perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic. This slip-resistant floor even works when it rains or there is a spill nearby.

Commercial concrete floor epoxy protects your floor from staining, grease, and cracks. Decorative epoxy floors create a lasting impression with customers or visitors of your business or home. There are five basic ways to install a beautiful epoxy floor.

Plain solid color epoxy flooring is a beautiful option for people who have a vast appreciation for solid paint. Similar to paint in appearance, this style is opaque with limited options when it comes to color. This style of epoxy floor is that it is pleasing to the eye and lasts for an extended period of time.

Quartz Aggregate is another form of epoxy flooring. Commonly referred to as a double broadcast, this form of floor is an ideal option. We start by installing two coats of decorative colored quartz aggregate into the epoxy. It is finished off by the application of a finish coat.

Epoxy is the most reasonably priced selection out of the flooring options. It is 5 times thicker than normal paint and has a wonderful cost for the protection you are getting. The third form of epoxy is clear epoxy.

Clear epoxy is a great way to create a seamless surface for your home or workspace. This epoxy serves as a decorative overlay that creates a finish pleasing to the eye. It forms the appearance of a beautiful saturated look.

Paint Flake epoxy is the same as Quartz Aggregate except appearance is prioritized overslip resistance. Paint Flake epoxies create an illusion of a seamless beautiful floor. The positive aspect of this style is that it covers up any imperfection of your floor. These are available in a wide array of colors.

The final form of epoxy flooring is the Metallic Reflector Epoxy. A beautiful metallic additive is applied to the floor. The metallic additive is used to create one form of the floor that can be utilized in combination with other coloring effects.

Custom Concrete solutions offer a full line of epoxy flooring. Regardless of your personal vision, Custom Concrete Solutions can make it a reality. Flooring coatings and sealing products comply with both local and federal VOC regulations.

Epoxy flooring is the ideal option for your home or business for a multiplicity of reasons. It is the best option for the collective health of your employees or visitors. The chemical resistance is a quality that diversifies epoxy flooring from other flooring options.

Once you have selected your epoxy floor, installation is a difficult task. Epoxy concrete is concrete that holds an immense amount of strength. Similar to other floorings, epoxy requires a great deal of preparation prior to installation.

Custom Concrete Solutions is a licensed installer of a vast amount of flooring options. Epoxy floor polish provides durability like no other. Commercial concrete floor epoxy is the most durable and cost-effective option.

Every epoxy style is distinct from the other. Custom Concrete Solutions provides a flooring service that will meet all of your needs. Staying under budget is imperative for all of the projects we complete.

By selecting a durable concrete polishing solution, you are doing yourself an immense favor. Concrete polishing solutions are LEEDS friendly and do not contain any noticeable VOCs. With recent concerns of Coronavirus, epoxy flooring creates a bacteria-free environment. Maintaining immaculate hygiene is a priority for Custom Concrete Solutions.

Epoxy is a form of more durable paint that will last a lifetime. When compared to paint, epoxy is stronger and chemical resistant. This ensures a safe environment for your safety and prevents sickness or injury.

For more information on epoxy flooring, call 860- 416- 7645. More information regarding flooring services is also on our website. We hope to install your floor soon!

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