Decorative Commercial Concrete Flooring That Fits your Home

September 25, 2021blog

Installing commercial concrete flooring does not need to be a stressful process. Here at Custom Concrete Solutions specializes in epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete floors. We apply beautiful and lasting treatments for old and worn out floors.

Concrete can be resurfaced in any color, it is up to the customer to select the best flooring option for you. We will always find a flooring solution for each individual customer at Custom Concrete Solutions. Our team can do flooring installations and industrial concrete flooring.

There are so many benefits of polished concrete and it gets high traffic these days. Our commercial floor installations are immaculate. We have retail stores around the northeast and can help you install your commercial floor today.

Our commercial concrete flooring materials will have a chemical resistance to things that are known for staining concrete. Our slip resistant floors have high gloss and healthy concrete polishing solutions. Our concrete floor coatings are out of this world.

Commercial concrete flooring should look and feel like home. Our concrete flooring systems are beautifully installed and crafted by our team. Concrete polishing has never been easier than it is with Custom Concrete Solutions.

Our team also specializes in staining concrete. Popular and everlasting techniques of coloring a floor still are used today. Commercial concrete flooring has many different unique options when it comes to finishes.

The different finishes we offer are Epoxy, Urethane, Polyurea, and sealers. These are the solutions that will make your floors look new and improved. You can opt to install a system to control the moisture vapor transmission of the flooring materials.

Our team is also able to apply a fast setting, self- leveling polymerized cement to your surfaces. This is amazing for a walkway or a patio setting. Our team can install surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Our concrete overlays will complement your porch, patio, or garden area.

We apply these surfaces through a mechanical grinding and polishing process that utilizes industrial diamonds. In addition to these diamond materials, we also use chemical hardeners and impregnated sealers to define your floor. This will create a beautiful granite surface appearance.

Unlike putting an overlay on your floor, Acid staining is an amazing technique to color and refine your surfaces. Beautiful, organic looking floors arise from the concrete slab that we started with. You should choose Custom Concrete solutions to install finishes, and make your commercial floors glow.

Custom Concrete Solutions is a fully experienced and licensed installer of a variety of commercial floors. We are here to help refine your home’s flooring and make it look new again. Our decorative concrete resurfacing systems in CT will make your home look young and provide comfort to anyone who visits.

Kim and Mike Osgood had the dream of providing customers with more than exceptional flooring solutions. We are certified installers of commercial flooring and you will not regret consulting with our team.

We strive to view your project as a blank canvas. With this blank canvas, we will take every opportunity to make your vision a reality. Price is a huge variable in how your floor will turn out and who will do it. Square footage of your project and location are also big factors. The amount of travel expenses are also included in the price.

We try to look at the quality of our floors to also determine the price. If there are cracks and the carpet glue is falling off, the price will most likely be higher than fixing and refining a newer floor.

To install your flooring, please call our office at 860-416-8914 or visit our website today. We hope to give your commercial flooring the renovation it deserves.

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