Acid Stain creates Rustic Beauty for this University Film Center Floor.

September 15, 2020Uncategorized

When the architect for a new addition at the Wesleyan film school contacted Custom Concrete Solutions, they asked us to match an existing acid stain design on 4,000 sf of concrete floor.  This included the main lobby, theater entrance, rest rooms and screening rooms.  All of the areas were to be cut and stained to seamlessly integrate with the existing floor.

We knew we had a challenge on our hands.  The acid stain pattern was 10 years old and the main color in the pattern had been discontinued.   Through the process of trial and error we came up with the right chemistry to create a color match.

To do this project we prepared the floor using autoscrubbers and removed years of grime from the floor’s surface.  Next, special scoring blades were needed to cut 1/8 inch decorative patterns according to the architects specifications. We carefully taped off surfaces to protect them from overspray and taped off the varying lines in the pattern so as not to bleed color in areas no intended to receive the color.

Scofield provided three reactive acid stain colors: Antique Amber, Dark Walnut and Terra-Cotta.  To create the 10” colored bands  we diluted Dark Walnut with distilled water and matched what was already down as closely as possible.

The finished product was ready to walk on after 48 hours.  The University was very happy with the finished look!

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