Custom Concrete Solutions provides a Seamless Floor Solution for Cannabis Growing Facility in Rocky Hill, CT

November 10, 2020Uncategorized0

When the  CTPharma expansion team decided to move its pharmaceutical growing operations to a 216,000 square foot facility in Rocky Hill they called the experts at Custom Concrete Solutions.

Why Epoxy flooring?

Like most cannabis growing facilities CTPharama relies on Concrete flooring to provide a low-cost and durable solution for its operations.  Young plants must be kept in a well-lit, warm and moist environment as any other type of greenhouse would.  This environment can pose health risks to those working in these facilities.  Moisture and warmth are ideal for the proliferation of fungi and other undesirable micro-organisms.   To mitigate this risk, a seamless floor is the best choice for any type of indoor greenhouse. Our industrial epoxy is a perfect fit for this type of application.  Not only are our industrial floor systems hygienic, the high-gloss shine increases light reflectivity and insulation within the grow rooms.

What we did

First, we identified and filled cracks in the existing concrete where needed and diamond grinded the floor.  We then used industrial epoxy to cover and protect it.   This project is ongoing, and thankfully our expert installers can lay down 20k square feet of epoxy in a single day.

After the epoxy cured, we applied the polyurethane topcoat and our non-skid material.  With High intensity lights shining bright for up to 18 hours a day a urethane topcoat protects the underlying epoxy from discoloration and other damage.

How long will it Last?

With regular care and cleaning we expect this floor system to last up to 20 years. When it finally comes time to replace, there will be no need for removal, and no need to throw away the old flooring.  Epoxy is a sustainable solution that will not end up in a landfill.

Our customer is ecstatic with the work we are doing for their facility!

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