Stay Relaxed This Busy Season With Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

December 16, 2022blogcommercial epoxy flooring

It’s the busy season of the year, with large gatherings of people shuffling their shoes all over the place while you have to soak the floor in harsh chemicals just to get their scuff marks out. That’s why at Custom Concrete Solutions, we offer commercial epoxy floor coating to keep your flooring highly resistant to chemicals, easily cleanable, and stays dust free. It’ll not only keep your guests happy but it’ll also make it a heck of a lot easier to clean (especially during holiday seasons!).

Choosing to install commercial epoxy floor coating has numerous advantages: chemical resistance, hygiene, impact resistant, slip resistance, and beauty (just to name a few). Utilizing this floor coating creates an impenetrable barrier on the surface that’s highly resistant to some of the most corrosive chemicals. It also provides a bacteria-free surface which is beneficial for companies wanting to stay dust free and clean at all times. If you’re looking for strength, applying epoxy creates 3-4 times the PSI or compressive strength of regular concrete! Furthermore, our epoxy includes decorative quartz aggregate broadcast which is perfect for areas that include high traffic during wet seasons (don’t have to worry about slipping around!). Lastly, not only does epoxy give you tons of useful advantages for every business, it guarantees a lasting impression on customers/visitors. Epoxy floors aren’t one size fits all, it’s customizable and has tons of different decorative effects to choose from.

There are five basic ways to install epoxy for different needs of businesses. The first is playing solid color: this is very similar to the appearance of paint, which is perfect for anyone that wants the floor painted but needs it to last a long time. Comes with numerous standard colors as well as customizable colors to ensure that it matches your business or home. The second way is Quartz Aggregate: This double broadcast method allows us to install 2 coats of epoxy and broadcast decorative-colored quartz aggregate into epoxy. Once that is finished we apply a clear coat of epoxy, this allows traction. Clear epoxy is the third method: a clear coat of epoxy is applied over the entire floor resulting in a stunning saturated finish. Fourth is painted flake epoxy: This is the exact same method as quartz aggregate, however, the flakes in the coating are more for decoration rather than traction. This helps hide the imperfections of the floor, especially if it’s been consistently walked on for many years. Last, but certainly not least, is metallic floor epoxy: this method uses metallic additives to create an exceptional one-of-a-kind look to the floor which can be used with many other coloring effects to make it pop!

Here at Custom Concrete Solutions, we want the best for your business. That’s why we go above and beyond to utilize any of these five methods to ensure strong, clean, and resistant floors. You can see all the work we’ve done using epoxy on our website or you can call us at (860) 416-7645 for any questions. We can’t wait to help you with your new commercial epoxy floor coating this season!

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