The Best Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy Flooring In CT

May 26, 2021blogcommercial concrete floor epoxycommercial epoxy flooring

At Custom Concrete Solutions, we are committed to serving our commercial, industrial, and residential customers. As a fully licensed, insured, and registered installer of various decorative concrete systems, we specialize in service such as acid staining/dyeing, concrete polishing/resurfacing, sealing/finishing, moisture mitigation, and commercial concrete floor epoxy.

Our commercial concrete floor epoxy service is great for either your home or your business. Epoxy systems are composed of resins and hardeners, which when mixed together, create a sleek plastic like material on top of your flooring. This flooring option is perfect for your commercial needs due to its high quality and many benefits.

The first of these benefits is its chemical resistance. The epoxy floor covering creates an impenetrable surface making it ideal for locations such as industrial plants, residential garages, interior pool areas, car dealerships, and any of your other commercial needs. When the potential for spillage is high, epoxy flooring will protect your surfaces.

With concerns still existing over the novel coronavirus, an epoxy floor coating system will create a bacteria free top coat. In the past, this has made epoxy flooring appealing to restaurant owners, hospitals, labs, and schools. At Custom Concrete Solutions, we want to protect you, your loved ones, and your customers. With epoxy flooring, your businesses will remain hygienic and safe.

Other benefits of commercial concrete floor epoxy flooring include its impact and slip resistance. Solid epoxies are 3-4 times more durable than concrete, making them fit for warehouses, loading docks, and any commercial floor where heavy machinery is being used. Epoxy flooring also has non-slip qualities, especially when coupled with one of our Q-28 quartz color blends.

Our commercial concrete floor epoxy floors are professionally installed and come in a variety of beautiful color options and decorative effects. With 15 standard color options, 18 quartz color blends, and 9 micro chip color blends, we have the perfect color to match your preference. If not, we can customize color options to fit in with your design needs.

Our standard color options include colors like white, ivory, beige, grey, blue, red, yellow, green, black, etc., a diverse enough palette to adapt to your color needs. The quartz color blends are offered in similar color schemes to the standard package with the added granulated design pattern. The micro chip color blends come in designs like shale, Acadia, olive stone, red rock, galaxy, Tuscany, ocean, sea glass, and Sahara.

Also available, are a clear epoxy color, paint flake, and metallic reflector options. The clear epoxy color displays the natural look of your flooring. The color flake option is very similar to the quartz color blend, but provides more of a decorative flair and conveniently conceals minor flooring imperfections that may exist. Finally, the metallic reflector epoxy option can be combined with other color effects to create a beautiful result (imagery of all color options is on our website).

Here at Custom Concrete Solutions, we’re dedicated to bringing our clients the best commercial epoxy flooring system they could ask for. With years of experience and the desire to provide the highest quality of products, it’s important that our clients feel comfortable with this process. We’re always happy to sit down and discuss what exactly we’ll be doing and how our garage floor epoxy process works.

We are located at 206 Country Club Road in Middletown, CT. If you are interested in our commercial concrete floor epoxy services, you can reach us by telephone (860) 416-7645, or by email at You can also visit our website for quick estimates, a total list of our services, and previous examples of our work. We look forward to hearing from you and to creating a lasting relationship with your commercial business.

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