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February 24, 2022blog

Why are concrete flooring options so popular? Many people begin their remodeling by looking at flooring options for their addition to a home or office. While concrete floors is growing in popularity among homeowners, it is imperative to understand exactly what it is and the endless opportunities that come with it. At Custom Concrete Solutions, we continue to work on bringing the greatest service while highlighting the benefits of even just a concrete slab.

Custom Concrete Solutions is a company that consists of many contractors who have been in practice for years now. We understand the number of contractors that continue to try and scam people, which is why we try to make our services as stress-free as possible.

Getting concrete installed can be a stressful time for many, but with our services, you won’t think twice about hiring another contractor. However, in order to understand why you should trust us with your next project, you need to understand more about our product and services.

When we think of concrete floors, we may often think of those polished concrete floors in sports stadiums that maintain their good looks even with high traffic. We have been able to take these concrete floors, customize them to your liking and install them in any room around the home such as the living rooms. However, in order to know if you truly would like to make concrete floors an addition to your home, you must understand the perks of having such floors.

First of all, this flooring surface can be laid out in a wide range of colors in order to match the scheme of your home. We also provide a variety of textures that are easy to maintain. Additionally, installing the concrete flooring materials allows for you to place area rugs within your residence with no worries at all.

When you add concrete flooring, you are not only adding natural stone but you are adding something that is easy to clean. The important part of having these floors installed is how they are properly sealed with every square foot that is placed within your home.

Our experts will come in and place the concrete within your building even if there was already existing concrete. The beauty of it all is that the concrete flooring placed by our employees will be able to be matched to any other flooring within the area. Now, when looking at all of our options, it is important to understand why people may get this flooring.

First of all, many businesses look to contact us to help finish flooring for their office but homeowners do as well. As concrete contractors in Middletown, we work within the community to provide concrete floors in basements as well. We have all been there.

You buy a house, the basement isn’t finished and water gets everywhere. This can cause thousands of dollars in damage over the years which will then lead to you questioning your decision to not finish the basement.

At Custom Concrete Solutions, our contractors will come out to your home and begin estimating which type of floor will be perfect for your basement. They will then walk you through all of the options and lay out how the finished product would look.

Going from there, once you choose the type of flooring that you would like placed in your basement, our contractors will then move on to placing it. Once we place the flooring, we will return and help with any additional problems that you have. However, with our years of practicing such flooring techniques, we have had very minimal problems and everyone we service has been happy with our work.

Placing concrete in basements or offices can be a daunting and expensive task. However, at Custom Concrete we work with you to stay as close to your budget as possible. We guarantee your satisfaction and focus on providing legendary customer service while servicing every client. At Custom Concrete Solutions, we have been able to effectively bring concrete floors to residents in Middletown for years and will continue to improve our work through state-of-the-art equipment.

Now, why choose our company to help you with your next project? As contractors who have been in practice for years, we know exactly what your building needs as soon as we enter. However, we will conduct a full investigation of the property to ensure the service is safe and that the building is ready for the concrete to be laid.

We work with many experts in the area to ensure that this process is done with guaranteed safety. We also consult with every client before we do anything that was not talked about already. However, sometimes laying the concrete slabs doesn’t run as smoothly as we plan it to. This is when we consult further with our clients if something needs to be changed, or other experts in the industry.

When working with our contractors, you will be completely safe from any scams or unsafe practices. Concrete flooring is perfect for homeowners who are trying to salvage their basement after years of flooding. It can also be beneficial for those who just bought a home and are looking to eventually finish their basement.

This service will leave your basement looking cleaner than ever. Remember when we brought up the area rugs being able to be placed around your home? You will be able to place a couch in your basement after our service is finished!

You will be able to transform the dark and scary basement into a beautiful addition to your home. Add more room for recreation or just add more space for storage. Either way, with brand new concrete flooring being placed into your home, your home will have limitless potential.

In need of our services or intrigued by the idea of getting concrete floors? Come visit our storefront or give us a call today to learn more! At Custom Concrete Solutions, we are ready to work with you in order to get the best overall floors installed.

We will continue to work on providing better quality products but still remain among the top concrete flooring installation companies in the industry. Give us a call today at (860) 416-7645 or visit our website here to set up your next transformation, whether that be your home or the office!

At Custom Concrete Solutions, we know what is best for your home no matter the situation. If you need any assistance or help along the way, our contractors will continue to support you along the way and beyond. Hundreds of people have trusted our services over the years, which can be highlighted from our amazing reviews. Check us out and be sure to contact our office for any help and guidance you may need!

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